The hazards associated with exposure to cold temperature and icy conditions make this time of year a concern for many. In the workplace, companies should be prepared for winter weather safety by implementing a Disaster Plan and Workplace Safety Program. All employees should understand the plan and their roles and responsibilities. Before the bitter cold of winter sets in, make sure you are prepared by making an emergency survival kit. The main concern during the winter is having the essentials necessary to stay safe. Don’t wait until a storm arrives and find yourself scrambling for supplies.

Discussion Points:
• Implement a Disaster Plan and Safe Workplace Practices
• Train Employees
• Prepare Before the Storm
• During the Storm
• After the Storm

Every year thousands of people are injured or killed due to inclement weather accidents. During the storm, there are actions to be taken to protect yourself. Stay off the roads and do what is necessary to stay warm and safe. Tune into your local weather service for information and signup to receive alerts. The National Weather Service (NWS) gives useful information on awareness and preparedness for every state on their website at After the storm, stay tuned to local news for updates, and before heading outside, check the road conditions. If you must go outside during the cold and inclement weather, minimize the risk of falling on
ice by wearing shoes made for a slippery surface, and wear appropriate clothing to protect against the cold temperature.

One final tip: Before a catastrophe, prepare and be ready before it happens!

As always, be safe out there!