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Adriana Lee

Adriana Lee serves as Vice President of Operations for James Environmental Management, Inc. and eComply® where she oversees the development of all environmental, and safety projects.  Lee directs the design, project proposals, project management, and daily operations for both companies. With over 10+ years management experience, her portfolio of experience encompasses substantial involvement in every project. Lee holds a bachelor’s degree from Southwestern University in Environmental Studies, Business and Spanish, and an M.S. in Environmental Management from St. Edward’s University.

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Airbag Disposal In the Language of my Father

Published by Mike James, September, 2018
Some really good stuff for the recycler has happened in recent months pertaining to how to handle airbags. This is one of those subjects that I really wish I could claim some responsibility for helping make it happen. But that is not going to happen. The credit for all of this great solution on airbag disposal goes to a group of the senior leadership of the Scrap Metal Recyclers (ISRI) from across the country that met multiple times with the US EPA in Washington DC. They deserve a big thanks. All I get to do is help explain this good stuff to those of you dealing with end of life vehicles. more…
Published by Mike James, August 29, 2018

Storm Water Compliance provided by the best of the best. Not a day goes by that one of this team doesn’t work with an environmental agency or OSHA on behalf of a customer somewhere in the US. The questions all revolved around environmental regulations and inspections or how to deal with an OSHA inspection. Have you met Kristyn Jacher, the leader to the Technical Services group. She and her team are the people that have to deal with one of these agencies when a client forgets to take a storm water sample or forgets to file a report. I will try to tell you a bit more about Kristyn and her team over the next few weeks.

Published by Mike James, August 27, 2018

The first of what should be many. In the latter years of my career, I have been so fortunate to work with a great team at James Environmental Management and eComply. On the eComply site, I stated that this great team has finally convinced this old guy that he should start posting on our social media. Things are really happening at James Environmental just about as fast as they are at eComply. It has been fun to be around around both of these companies and the great folks working there. I am thinking that over the next few weeks there are many discrete subjects that we need to talk about and you need to meet this great team. I will tell you about them and about some of those great customers we work for.

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