One of the greatest challenges for supervisors, project managers, and team leaders is prioritizing the workload. Task planning or task management strategies can help alleviate stress and increase productivity, especially when employees are working on multiple projects but are responsible for only their assigned tasks. Employees can benefit from effective task planning by following a guideline to complete their tasks as scheduled.

Discussion Points:
• What is task planning?
• How do you manage tasks successfully at work?
• How do you plan a job task?
• What other considerations should be accounted for when planning a job task?
• How does prioritization effect task planning?

Prioritization is the process of determining the level of importance and urgency of a task and has a great impact on the project and employees. Understanding how to prioritize based on workload and the demands of a tight deadline is essential. The success of the project and achievements of workers’ is often determined by the allocation of priorities. Having insight into the worker’s skills and strengths can help when assigning tasks.
Task planning or task management is creating, ranking, delegating, and monitoring tasks. Before performing a task, it’s necessary to plan the resources and the time it may take to complete the task. A written document or Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) outlines the process and determines the personnel, equipment, permits required, training, and time necessary for the task. However, regardless of the amount of planning, there will be changes to account for and adjustments to make for employee absences, equipment breakdown, and
unpredicted environmental factors.

Effective prioritizing of tasks should alleviate some of the stress involved with high-pressure demands. Scheduling the day according to new priorities, prioritizing the workload, and focusing on the tasks should help with efficiency. Planning high priority tasks according to the workers’ strengths is essential in working productively and safely.

Being adaptable when priorities change, planning for the unexpected, and staying focused on completing tasks brings a feeling of accomplishment and knowing you are ready to take on the next task.

As always, be safe out there!