Every year between April and June, we encounter some of the most severe weather conditions including; thunderstorms, tornadoes, large hail, and flash flooding. These hazardous weather conditions account for hundreds of deaths and thousands of injuries annually. Preparation for severe weather starts now! Ask yourself, what would you do in case of a severe weather event happening?

Discussion Points:
• Prepare a plan and know what to do before, during, and after the storm
• Receive alerts and notifications
• Have emergency supplies in place at home, at work, and in your vehicle
• Prepare for evacuation
• Training and practice

It is important to be prepared for extreme weather conditions at all times of the year. Don’t wait for the storm to strike. Plan ahead and know where you will take shelter at work, at home or while you are out- and-about. Sign-up for severe weather alerts and notifications. Select a safe-room to go to during the storm. Prepare an emergency kit. Know what actions to take before, during, and after the storm. Have an evacuation plan. Listen to the local officials in case they enforce an evacuation, and have a communication plan with your family. Don’t just have a plan. Put the plan into action, and practice what you have planned. At work, hold training sessions, so each employee will know what actions to take.

As always, be safe out there!