Adriana Lee and Kyle Honnerlaw | April 22, 2020 | Blog
Registering Your Chemical Bulk Storage or Petroleum Bulk Storage Tanks for New York Facilities

Navigating through the nuances of these complicated regulations can be difficult.
The JEM team would like to help ensure your compliance with the bulk storage programs that apply to your facility!

What qualifies the need to register for the Petroleum Bulk Storage (PBS) Program? In many cases, tanks that are used to store petroleum products at your facility, such as used oil and fuels, may need to be registered in accordance with the requirements of the PBS Program. Regardless of the size or amount of used oil stored, all tanks must be registered.

Qualifications for required registration for the Chemical Bulk Storage (CBS) Program are tanks used to store hazardous substances identified in the State of New York’s “List of Hazardous Substances”, such as antifreeze. If your facility stores tanks with 185+ gallons of antifreeze you must register with New York’s CBS Program.

Should you need assistance with your registration feel free to contact us at or through our website at and we would be glad to assist you with your application.