Limits we set, also known as boundaries, define what is acceptable and what is unacceptable. Defining your boundaries around the workplace is an important factor in personal development and success. When you start a job, perform a self-evaluation and consider the following when defining your boundaries: The environment, your agenda, how many hours a day and when you will be available, and understanding your physical and mental ability; realizing what makes you comfortable to perform and accomplish daily tasks. Self-Awareness involves building self-worth and dignity, when you value who you are and respect yourself, others will respect you. At work, your employer should respect your limits.

Discussion Points:
• Defining Your Boundaries
• Self-Awareness
• Visualization
• Know when to say yes and when to say no
• Pushing past your limits

Boundaries are designed to protect you. At work, you may be asked to do something you are not familiar with. Take a moment to visualize the task, and if there is any question, in your ability to accomplishing a new task, due to lack of training or experience, stop and ask your supervisor for assistance, rather than doing something that will cause injury to you or a co-worker. However, if you know your limits, and you are confident you will be successful in accomplishing a new task, then you have accomplished growth.

Knowing when to say yes and when to say no, and understanding the risk involved, is important in maintaining your peace and reducing stress. Thus, the important factor, involves preventing and managing stress when you are pushed to exceed your limits. When you press those limits, exhaustion sets in and may have an effect on your mental, emotional and physical well-being. In all that you do, take responsibility for your actions and know your limits.

As always, be safe out there!