You have the right to a drug and alcohol free work place. Federal regulations require companies that employ commercial drivers to test for drugs and alcohol. There are five types of tests your employer may carry out to meet these regulations, these include; pre-employment, random, post-accident, return to duty and reasonable suspicion. There are specific requirements on how drug testing is conducted, and must comply with all Department of Health and Human Services regulations. If you are submitting to both drug and alcohol testing, the alcohol test must be conducted first.

Discussion Points:
• Company Policies on Drug and Alcohol Testing.
• Federal Regulations that Require Controlled Substance Testing.
• Effects of Controlled Substances in the Workplace.
• Marijuana Regarding Commercial Drivers.

Know your Company Drug and Alcohol Policy, if you have any questions contact your supervisor. Your employer will provide you with a copy of the drug and alcohol policy upon request. Although the use of marijuana is now legal in many states, it is still prohibited by Federal law. As a commercial driver, at no time can you use marijuana, and this includes your off-duty time As a professional driver, you have the responsibility to be safe at all times, and this involves refraining from abusing drugs and alcohol. You are prohibited from using any regulated drugs at any time. If you have any concerns regarding this, the rules can be found on the FMCSA website at

As always, be safe out there!