Professional truck drivers often are called upon to drive for long periods of time every day. It is extremely important to get a good rest before starting your shift. During your trip, you are subject to fatigue from physical inactivity. Trucking can also lead to poor diet choices. Avoid sugary drinks including soda and energy drinks, beverages containing caffeine, and excessive alcohol use. Exercise is equally as important as a good diet.

Discussion Points:
• Proper Rest is Important.
• Frequent Stops to Stretch and Exercise.
• Avoid Sugar and Energy Drinks.
• Minimal Use of Caffeine or Other Stimulants.
• You Have the Right to Report Unsafe Conditions.

Alcohol will impair your judgement, and has no place at work, especially for truck drivers and equipment operators. Try to leave your personal troubles and issues at home. You have the right to a safe workplace, no one has to work in unsafe conditions or operate poorly maintained equipment. If there is a problem, talk to your supervisor. Your employer must address your safety concerns.

As always, be safe out there!