Defensive driving is often associated with the class you take when trying to overcome a traffic ticket, but real defensive driving means protecting yourself while in motion, and usually earns you better fuel efficiency for your vehicle and less stress for you. There are several formal training programs available and you may find that they all cover the same smart principles.

Discussion Points:
• Scan ahead while you’re driving.
• Never develop tunnel vision or concentrate just on what is right in front of you.
• Be alert and look around, using quick glances.
• Always check around you for traffic in case you need to make a quick move.
• Let people know that you’re there.

The most impactful suggestion is to never get into a trance while driving. This may sound ominous, but if you’re not looking ahead, looking around, making people aware of your presence, and planning an escape for yourself, you can lull yourself right into complacency. And an accident!

As always, be safe out there!