As we get into full-swing of Summer we will be celebrating the 4th of July this week. The 4th of July is a special day when family and friends gather to celebrate Independence Day. Barbecues, and fireworks will be how many will spend their day. According to the National Safety Council, in 2017 there were more than 12,000 injuries and eight people lost their lives, because of accidents involving fireworks, and every year, more than 50,000 fires are caused by fireworks. Because of this, it is suggested that you enjoy your time observing the fireworks show and let the professionals handle the lighting of the fireworks. If you choose to light off fireworks, do so with extreme caution and follow safety tips.

Discussion Points:
• Never use illegal fireworks
• Never allow children to handle fireworks, and always have adult supervision
• Never use fireworks while impaired; alcohol, drugs, and fireworks do not mix well
• Never use fireworks near people, animals, houses, or flammable material
• Keep a source of water close by
• Never hold a lighted firework
• Wear protective eyewear
• Soak all fireworks material in water before disposing of it

All fireworks pose a certain risk of danger, even sparklers that burn at about 2,000 degrees can cause severe burns and start fires. Many people will end up in the emergency this year because of an injury caused by fireworks. Be smart and don’t be a statistic.

It’s the 4th of July, have fun and
as always, stay safe out there!