You have completed the Workplace Hazard Assessment, and the company has a Work Safety Policies and Procedures Manual. It is now time to put these into action, don’t let the manual set on the shelf gathering dust! The most effective way to do this is through employee training. The employer must provide training as an orientation to the job and again annually, and this must be followed up with safety measure reviews.

Discussion Points: ( Safety Tips;)
• Take all scheduled training courses
• Communicate with coworkers and supervisor
• Be aware of your surroundings
• Learn correct way to perform tasks and use equipment
• Keep work area clean, prevent spills and cleanup all spills immediately
• Wear your PPE, put it on before you enter the jobsite
• Take scheduled breaks and drink fluids

Effective communication is very important, a breakdown in communication leads to a lack of trust, Increased frustration and stress, lack of motivation, and a loss in productivity. Effective communication results in high morale, decreased stress, increased motivation and inspiration to contribute, and increased productivity. Realize the dangers in the workplace including those associated with electrical devices, chemicals, heights, confined spaces, and faulty equipment. Understand and know how to perform your job without taking unnecessary risks that may lead to injury. Follow all standard safety rules employed by the company, and if you have any questions communicate with your supervisor.

As always, be safe out there!