Do you have the confidence to approach a co-worker when the safety of all workers is at risk? It takes confidence in one-self to be able to step forward and correct a co-worker, and not cause strife amongst one-another. Having strong leadership, helps workers build on moral. When expectations are clarified by management, and workers are encouraged for a job well-done, positive reinforcement often helps in improving job-performance, thus, building confidence in themselves, and in others. Often as rapport is built among workers, there is a willingness to help, and watch-out for each other.

Discussion Points:
• Having the self-confidence to help or correct the actions of a co-worker.
• When the safety of all workers is on the line, each worker must be held accountable for their
own actions.
• Each worker’s actions affect the well-being of all workers.
• Practicing proper work safety procedures helps in establishing a safe work environment.
• Building rapport among workers establishes a willingness to help each other.

Establishing a safe environment is everyone’s responsibility, and results in a successful Safety Program that requires all employee’s participation. Once a safe environment has been established, employees will be able to work along-side, one-another and build on a team environment. Understanding how each worker contributes to the team and learning what each person needs to be successful. When the safety of all workers is at risk, each worker must he held accountable for their own actions, while encouraging a safe environment, as each worker’s actions, affects the well-being of everyone.

As always, be safe out there!