Good leaders take responsibility and accountability for business operations. They approach work positively and do what is necessary for the good of the company. They possess skills and qualities that include motivation, creativity, listening, and communication. They have the ability to motivate a group of workers and delegate tasks to accomplish goals. When demonstrating skills, they include all workers in projects and meetings. Leadership takes strength of character and commitment to build connections with a team of workers. These are qualities of leading by example.

Discussion Points:
• Good leaders take responsibility and accountability for business operations
• Leaders have the ability to motivate workers and delegate tasks
• Effective leaders discover ways to build trust and provide opportunity for success
• Arrive at work motivated, inspired, and ready to take action
• Setting the example for accomplishing goals

Effective leaders have the ability to set clear goals and expectations. They discover ways to build trust with team members and provide opportunities for them to excel and develop. They express the value of worker’s participation and engagement. They understand how to encourage workers by showing what is required, rather than just telling them; understanding actions, speak words. Leaders should participate in projects proactively. Doing this requires they know their trade, demonstrate organizational skills, and practice good communication. Every day, take time to prepare before arriving at work. Arrive motivated and inspired, dressed for the job, and ready to take action. Be fully engaged when on the job, show excitement, inspiration, trust, vision, and a positive attitude. Demonstrate vision for goals and strive for
accomplishments. Don’t wear excessive jewelry or baggy clothes that would interfere with machinery. Don’t complain about negative aspects of the work or participate in gossip. People follow leaders they trust. When a team leader sets the right example for accomplishing goals and conducting business, the team follows.

As always, stay safe out there!