A strong workplace culture begins with the appointing of a safety officer who will ensure the company policies and procedures are presented to all employees. The guidance provided by management gives the employees direction in implementing a strong and positive workplace culture. Part of the process is ensuring that all employees are properly trained specific to his or her job. The training must be engaging and include an assessment of their understanding, then this training must be adhered to when performing their job. All employees are required to wear Personal Protective Equipment specific to their job and must be trained on the PPE requirements including use, care, maintenance, and disposal.

Discussion Points:
• Management and Leadership
• Provide Training
• Provide Personal Protective Equipment
• Enforce Housekeeping Measures
• Use of Proper Signs and Labels

Good housekeeping helps in minimizing workplace hazards. Effective housekeeping is a continuous process that includes planning and management, and implementing a cleaning schedule and a maintenance program. The usage of signs and labels around the workplace is vital for meeting OSHA regulation and providing safety. This method of risk management is a big step in improving safety and eliminating safety hazards. Improving safety at your facility is dependent on worker participation. Encouraging workers to participate shows that management values the employee’s involvement in the decision making process of the health and safety program.

As always, be safe out there!