Documentation is necessary for businesses in the workplace to record company activities and employee records. Many industries require detailed documentation in a precise manner as required by legal mandates and company policy. If companies do not maintain organized records, they may be subject to inefficiencies in the workplace, audits, improper billing, lost revenue, non-compliance, and compromised safety.

Discussion Points:
• It is important to maintain organized documentation at the workplace
• Documentation is used to record a variety of information
• OSHA requires posting of industry regulations
• Documentation should be professional and organized
• How do you use documentation in your business?

Documentation is used in most organizations to record a variety of information. It offers detailed reports of how to conduct business processes and provides standards for the workplace. It incorporates many types of documents, including health, safety, and company policies, best practices, company procedures, employee handbooks, tutorials, training material, job descriptions, performance and development plans, checklists for guidelines and inspections, inspection reports, emergency procedures, and records of employment. Maintaining complete and organized records indicates a well-run organization.
OSHA requires employers to post documentation at the workplace as a source of information for employees; industry regulations should be made accessible to all employees. Also, first aid regulations should be posted at first aid stations, and emergency service phone numbers should be posted near telephones. It’s important to understand how documentation is used in your company. Documentation should be professional, organized, factual, complete, and consistent. It should include the company’s objectives, goals, vision, mission statement, roles and responsibilities of employees, and business expectations.

As always, stay safe out there!