Are you aware of the health and safety risks in your workplace? The hazards are referred to as visible and hidden dangers. Visible hazards are those often addressed in the company’s Health and Safety Program, and OSHA has clear standards that address these visible hazards. Hidden dangers are those that are often overlooked.
A Risk Assessment must be conducted to identify these hazards. The hidden dangers may include asbestos and lead paint if the workplace is an older building. Other dangers include poor air quality, improper lighting, excessive noise, germs and bacteria, chemicals, falling objects, slips, trips and falls, fire safety, and worn-out or damaged equipment and machinery.

Discussion Points:
• Identify the hidden dangers in your workplace
• It takes only one incidence or exposure to cause extreme damage
• Proper training to ensure workplace compliance
• Worker’s rights and responsibilities

It takes only one incidence or exposure, of a hidden danger, to cause extreme damage, illness, injury or death. It is the company’s responsibility to provide a safe workplace, provide proper training, and to ensure the workplace complies with its health and safety regulations.
All employees have the right to a safe environment, and to participate in health and safety activities. It is the employee’s responsibility to watch for unsafe conditions and report them without fear of losing their job or being punished. Also, employees must report all injuries immediately when they occur. Eliminate the hidden dangers by conducting regular inspections, surveys, and training sessions. Become educated about what hidden dangers may be lurking in your work environment.

As always, be safe out there!