As workers in the Scrap Metal and Auto Salvage industries, you are exposed to work conditions involving excessively-high heat and humidity that can cause heat-related illness on a daily basis. These illnesses are characterized by their symptoms, from a relatively minor skin irritation, or heat rash to a more serious condition as heat stroke, that affects one’s core temperature and may present as life threatening and require immediate medical attention to regulate core body temperature. Most heat-related health illnesses are preventable and workers and their employers must be made aware of common signs and symptoms, and follow heat-related prevention procedures while working.

Discussion Points:
• Dangers of Working in Extreme Heat and Humidity
• OSHA Regulations and Requirements
• Employer’s Responsibilities
• Worker’s Responsibilities
• Safety Tips

OSHA’s Safety and Health Regulations require that employers provide safe work conditions for all workers. As workers, there are standard regulations that you need to be aware of, and it is important you learn about these regulations as part of your training sessions. Precautionary Measures that you will learn about include understanding health risks involved with your job, and how to avoid becoming injured or ill.

While on the job, it is imperative that you take all scheduled breaks, drink plenty of fluids, use personal protective equipment to help minimize affects associated with working in extremely hot conditions, and be able to recognize warning signs leading to health-related illness. Employers must have an emergency plan that specifies what to do when health-related illness occurs, and provide medical service if necessary.

As always, be safe out there!