It is the employer’s responsibility to provide a safe workplace for all employees. The best place to begin is, to develop a Health and Safety program, by establishing a written policy explaining the company’s commitment to the program for all employees. The program should include; objectives, goals, and expectations, focused on achieving specific tasks that will improve workplace health and safety. The objectives and goals will depend on the company’s size, industry, and work environment, including equipment and supplies used, and related hazards.

Discussion Points:
• Define the Program Goals and Objectives.
• Hazard Identification and Assessment.
• Education and Training.
• Implementing the program, assigning tasks and responsibilities, and providing a safe workplace.
• Employee Participation

Conduct education and training on a regular basis, and maintain a positive atmosphere, by providing for open communication between management and employees. An important factor in having a successful Health and Safety Program is, encouraging employee participation, by assigning roles and responsibilities with set expectations, and maintaining a positive atmosphere by rewarding success.

As always, be safe out there!