Accidents happen every day in the workplace, employees experience injuries of various severity, possibly resulting in death. All employees contribute to a safe workplace environment, by noticing their surroundings and potential accidents before they occur. Conducting a Workplace Hazard Assessment, and becoming familiar with common workplace hazards that can lead to injury, illness or death, is a good place to start. These hazards may include. Hazardous chemicals, electrical hazards, sharp objects, or falling objects. Then it is important to follow up with correcting these hazards that were discovered to make it a safe place to work for all employees.

Discussion Points:
• Conduct a Workplace Hazard Assessment
• Follow Up and Corrective Actions
• All employees are responsible for contributing to a safe workplace
• If there is a potential hazard, do not ignore it. Correct the problem before an accident occurs
• Communication is important, as most accidents are preventable

What appears as a minor issue may develop into a major problem, presenting great risk to the health of all employees. If you see something that is not working or something appears out of place, contact your supervisor or someone with authority to correct the issue. Overall, it is important that all employees, and supervisors communicate. Most workplace related injuries or fatalities are preventable, often requiring safety training, inspections, and employees following and respecting the rules and company policies. The most important objective involved with creating a safe workplace is ensuring that all employees make it home safely at the end of every day.

As always, be safe out there!