The success of a company’s Safety and Health Program often indicates the effectiveness of the participation of the employees. According to OSHA, there are several benefits related to employee participation in the company’s Safety and Health Program which includes, fewer work related accidents resulting in fewer costs and reduced risk, improved employee morale and health resulting in increased productivity, and improved communication between management and employees, thus creating a cohesive work environment.

Discussion Points:
• Communication between management and employees.
• Employee Participation including assistance and observation.
• Utilizing the employee’s skill set.
• Employee participation incentive program.
• Safer work environment leading to improved job performance.

Management must be proactive by encouraging employee participation in the Safety and Health Program, by creating an atmosphere where employees are an important part of the process by asking for their assistance in a certain task, and providing their observation. Employee participation can be on a one-to-one basis, or part of a group or committee. It could be to the benefit of management by planning how each employee will participate by utilizing their skill set. Another way to encourage participation is by offering an incentive program where employees will earn points, awards and prizes for their participation and completing certain tasks. The tasks should be designed for success regardless of one’s skill-level, education or language.

When discussing the principles and elements that make up a successful Safety and Health Program, employees are the ones most affected by workplace hazards, and their participation has a direct effect on the program. The more they participate, the better their level of satisfaction in their job performance.

As always, be safe out there!