It is important to plan ahead and to protect your employees during an emergency. For fire related emergencies, always use the emergency exit closest to you and have an alternate route in case an exit is blocked. If possible shut-off any equipment you are operating before leaving your work area. If there is a possible gas leak, evacuate the area immediately. Do not use the phone, this includes landlines and mobile phones, do not turn on or off lights, and do not use any electrical device. For weather related emergencies, plan a head so you know the plan to carry out.

Discussion Points:
• Plan ahead, know the nearest emergency exits from your work area, and designate a meeting
• Plan, train, communicate and conduct practice drills.
• Maintain a clear passage for your escape route, do not block or lock exits.
• Identify storm-shelters within the facility in the case of a tornado, earthquake or flash flooding.
• Remain calm and follow proper safety procedures.

During a tornado warning, take shelter in a basement or in a small room within the center of the building away from windows. Flash flooding is a common weather hazard that occurs frequently in a short period of time. If you are driving and approach a water-covered roadway, turn around and do not go around barricades, it is against the law! Also you often hear the message on the radio or television; Turn around! Don’t drown! It only takes six inches of water to wash away your vehicle. In all instances remain calm and follow proper safety procedures.

As always, be safe out there!