Electricity is all around us, and we use it on a daily basis, at home and at the workplace. Often we overlook the hazards associated with electricity, using faulty appliances, equipment, or using devices in a way that was not intended. Avoid overloading circuits that can lead to a fire or an explosion. Common injuries associated with electricity include, shock, electrocution, burns and falls. The risk of injury often increases when environmental conditions such as water are present. It is very important that all employees are trained and experienced in using electrical devices on the job. Also, the first step in assuring safety for everyone on the job, is to perform a Hazard Assessment, that starts with a walk through safety inspection.

Discussion Points:
• OSHA’s workplace safety requirements
• Recognizing potential hazards around the jobsite
• Following safe work practices to avoid injuries or loss of life
• Training and experience in using electrical devices on the job
• Always be in compliance, acquire all required permits

Be in compliance and never work under abnormal conditions. If a hazardous situation occurs, such as a coworker coming in contact with electricity, do not touch that person, de-energize the area of potential danger, deactivate the source, and activate the Emergency Response Plan. Report all damaged electrical devices, tag it and remove it from service. Always use caution when working around electricity. Remember, Electricity can kill.

As always, be safe out there!