Winter weather conditions bring many risks to workers who work outdoors in the cold environments. Exposure to these cold environments may lead to serious health issues. Workers should consider taking precautions when working in extreme elements by protecting themselves by changing their work schedule, wearing clothing to protect their head, face, hands and feet, awareness to the cold environment and associated risks, becoming educated in cold weather safety, and allowing for a period of adjustment.

Discussion Points:
• Health related issues as a result of exposure to cold environments.
• Necessary precautions to practice in Winter weather conditions, including dressing
appropriately for the extreme elements.
• Awareness of hazardous conditions.
• Become educated in cold weather safety
• Allow for a period of adjustment.

Hypothermia, frostbite, heart problems, psychological stresses on the body, bodily injury, and death are all results of exposure or accidents related to Winter weather conditions. Dress appropriately for the elements, avoid hazardous conditions and alert others of these hazards, and become educated in cold weather safety. Taking the necessary precautions will lead to a winter free of illness and injury.

As always, be safe out there!