Good housekeeping practices is the responsibility of all employees and should be part of a regular maintenance program. It should include, an inspection checklist of tasks that are to be performed on a routine basis. It is best to work as a team, and set general guidelines to follow every day. It is important to remember that poorly kept work areas lead to accidents.

Discussion Points:
• Decreases the Incidents of Accidents and Fire Hazards
• Provides a Safe and Healthy Workplace
• Increases Productivity
• Enhances Morale
• Improves the Company’s Image and Reveals a Well-run Organization

One of the best ways to keep the workplace safe, is to keep the work area clean. It is everyone’s responsibility to keep all work materials and equipment stored away in designated storage areas and in approved containers with proper labelling. Put away equipment that is no longer in use, keep walkways, aisles and doorways clear of all objects. Inspect and clean all floor surfaces, cleanup all spills immediately, and empty the trash. Clean up storage areas on a regular basis, and throw away empty containers and old items. Perform a walk-around of the work area and make note of any repairs that need to be made. Good housekeeping is essential for the safety of every employee.

As always, be safe out there!