Formerly known as Decoration Day, this day was traditionally reserved to honor all men and women who have died in the United States military service. People often took time to decorate graves with flags and flowers. While some people will continue this tradition on Memorial Day, many will enjoy the day off work, as all non-essential government offices and schools will be closed. Many businesses will close to give employees an extended weekend. Memorial Day is
often recognized as the start of summer. Many people will enjoy the day off by working around the house, swimming, boating, and having a cookout, while others will take advantage of the time off to do some traveling.

Discussion Points:
• Take some time to honor all who died while serving
• Be careful around hot grills and when using lighter fluid
• Wear a life vest when on the water and don’t forget the sunscreen
• Be careful when on ladders
• Avoid distracted driving
• Ensure everything you do is done safely

Many accidents will occur over this holiday weekend, including traffic accidents, pedestrian and bike accidents, falls from ladders or elevated platforms, drownings, and burns from grills. If you elect to travel over the weekend, make sure the vehicle is in good condition and stocked with emergency supplies. Take time to plan the trip before you leave, check road conditions and weather forecasts to avoid driving in dangerous conditions. One recent study shows that Memorial Day Weekend is the deadliest of all holidays, with the most fatal accidents over a three-day period. According to the National Safety Council, “more than 40,900 injuries and 380 fatalities are expected to occur during the Memorial Day weekend. Drivers should take extra precaution when on the road over the weekend.” Distracted driving accounts for many
accidents. It’s important to focus on driving safely and practice defensive driving. Regardless of how you decide to spend the weekend, enjoy and have fun! While having fun, follow guidelines from the CDC to protect yourself and others from COVID-19. Several hazards can ruin your Memorial Day celebration. Most accidents are preventable. Remember to stay safe; don’t become headline news or a statistic. Make sure safety is a top priority!

As always, stay safe out there!