We make safety compliance management easy

JEM digitizes your Environmental, Safety, and Transportation compliance to make it easy to understand, adapt to your industry, and be beneficial for your company.




Unprecedented efficiency
for managing compliance

JEM offers your clients a new level of convenience and efficiency for state, federal, and
OSHA regulation compliance. Paperwork is a thing of the past; with eComply® on your device,
you’re mobile, accessible, and able to provide exceptional service to your clients.


Collect, monitor and manage your environmental program.


Track, train, and monitor your facility’s safety program.


Driver and fleet management with expert advice.


Get URG 9000 Certified Today

URG Certified Recyclers based on their certification level will automatically be qualified to participate in special vendor/URG sponsored programs.

Certifications Portal

Access certification modules across industries for Environmental Compliance, Safety, and Department of Transportation (DOT) training certification. We provide personal and group training and email reminders, so client certifications never lapse.

"This is the best thing since sliced bread! I can't believe why everybody is not using it."

Cliff Boyd
Gagel’s Auto Part’s, FL

"You guys have built a really great tool, we are using it like crazy."

Holly Cahill
New England Auto & Truck Recyclers, MA & VA

"You know what they say, 'safety doesn't happen by accident,' and neither did eComply. I would have never known how easy it is to stay compliant, train my employees, and keep track of the mounds of paperwork, all in one spot, from anywhere."

Scotty & Dawn Davis
All Foreign Auto Parts, Fredericksburg, VA

"eComply is now an integral valued addition to our management. It is simple to set up, easy to train and delegate to staff, and really impressed the inspectors who walked up on-site. Peace of mind and up-to-date managed compliance at a great price.”

Leroy Liebermann
Eagle Auto & Truck Works

"eComply has given us an opportunity to meet all of the safety requirements, and also have peace of mind knowing everything is online. No more paperwork, or worrying. This platform has simplified our use of this tool.”

Chris Mantas & Ted Kogianes
Tear A Part, Salt Lake City


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