Waters of the State

Last week, the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) held a
webinar on the Definition of Waters of the State. Mike, Kristyn and Katharina were
able to sit in on the stakeholders meeting via teleconference, and learned how this
single definition of Waters of the State identifies the most important question in
the storm water compliance world. Environmental regulations associated
with storm water and storm water sampling rest on this definition,
regardless of the state, or where the water runs. Compliance with this
subject is easier in some states and harder in others.

JEM Technical Services Group

by Mike James | August 29, 2018 | Blog

Storm Water compliance, provided by the best of the best. Not a day goes by that
a member of this team doesn’t work with an environmental agency or OSHA on
behalf of a customer, somewhere in the United States. The questions all revolve
around environmental regulations and inspections, or how to deal with an OSHA
inspection. Have you met Kristyn Jacher? Kristyn is the lead on the Technical
Services group. She and her team members are the people who deal with
one of these agencies when a client forgets to take a storm water sample,
or forgets to file a report. I will tell you more about and her team over the
next few weeks.

Social Media Posting

by Mike James | August 27, 2018 | Blog

The first of what should be many. This great team at eComply has finally
convinced this old guy that we should start posting on our social media.
It has been fun to be around eComply over the past 6 months. Closing in
on 1000 users, and rolling out eComply 2.2with many new features, all
requested by clients, it is exciting. We have added new to the team including
two SME for Transportation Services. Oh yah, what is a SME? A SME is a
“Subject Matter Expert”. I will introduce those, and the rest of the team, over
the next few weeks. Also we will give you a peek into the greatness of this
Learning Management and Compliance Tool.