About Us

James Environmental Management, Inc. (JEM) and our team of professionals provide a broad range of environmental and safety consulting services to private sector clients.  Specializing in the strategic management of environmental affairs, JEM provides a balance between the technical and business aspects of environmental and safety compliance. 

With years of hands-on industrial operations experience, the JEM team is uniquely qualified to identify, develop and implement practical and cost-effective solutions to meet your environmental and safety needs. JEM’s depth of experience and strong relationships with the technical and legal community within the recycling industry allows our team the capacity to support the most complex and diverse customer needs. 

  • Nationwide Service
  • Full-Service Environmental Health and Safety Provider
  • Regulatory Advocacy

JEM President Mike James has personally represented numerous industry groups during the negotiation and development of Storm Water Permits in states such as Texas, Arizona, New Jersey, New York, Virginia and nationally with the U.S. EPA.

JEM understands that your bottom line can be impacted by your compliance or lack of compliance with a myriad of environmental and safety rules and regulations.  While this proposal addresses spill prevention compliance in particular, we are prepared to offer you a full-service Environmental, Health and Safety Program. 

Our proposed multi-tiered approach offers a pragmatic compliance assurance program structured to identify the tasks which must be completed immediately, those that can be implemented on a controlled schedule, and those that can be put into place based on financial availability.